Wooden Headphone

Time: February 23, 2023

           We wanted to make a product that combines retro and technology, so we produced a wooden headphone. Each earcup is handcrafted, and the unique texture of black walnut and maple wood makes each pair of headphones a unique presence. The wired and closed-back design makes the headphone more traditional, but traditional doesn't mean backward. The large-aperture 50mm driver is made of nanomaterials. And the unique floating free-side driver design cancels unnecessary diaphragm resonance, providing 10Hz - 30kHz wide frequency response, lower distortion, and accurate sound presentation. The low impedance of 32 ohms allows even a smartphone can easily drive headphones to enjoy music. The earpad made of high protein skin and thick memory foam is very skin-friendly and breathable. The small weight of 290g and the adjustable headband reduces the feeling of pressure and give you a comfortable feeling of wearing for a long time.