Background history

ALABS is an audio tchnology brand founded in 2021by a group of music geeks from Singapore,we are faithful to our passion,as well inherit Singapore's technology leadership and multicultural genes.

"A"=Ace,which stands for top;"LABS"stands for innovative technology and our exploration and adventure in the industry. This name represents the vision of these music geeks,we hope to become the top brand in the indurstry,and at the same time continue to innovate the use of the products on the rood of scientific research and development,and ultimately revolutionize the industry.


Some people believe that tradition is sacrosanct in the music-related equipment industry, while others believe that it is necessary and bold to join technological innovation; In ALABS's view, the existence of decades of tradition must have its necessity, and the innovation we make is based on respecting historical traditions, with our identity as users, thinking about how each use scenario of the product can have a better experience, stimulate the user's subjective initiative and more inspiration, can forget the tedium of the equipment, and fully devote ourselves to the product experience, because we always believe that human emotions are irreplaceable, and the role of ALABS is a Hubble space telescope. Help you find more glowing stars in your own emotional universe.

As creators who pursue perfect sound, like you who love music, we have too many things to express, too many functions for the product to optimize, we want to share our inspiration with users, just like sharing our favorite music with others, I hope you can get more touches when experiencing this inspiration.