Q1: how much power max to drive? 

A1: It is 32 low impedance that makes more devices fit it. Compatible with virtually every audio device including phones, tablets and computers. Q2: It will be very uncomfortable wearing this headphone for a long time? 

A2: The headphone is not heavy and the earpads are quite soft, I wore them to listen to music for more than an hour and I did not feel discomfort.

Iron192 USB microphone

Q1:  Can I use this mic with a shock mount? 

A1:  Theoretically no, since this is a USB mic, not an XLR mic, it has non XLR interface. If your shock mount doesn't have an XLR connector, but with elastic rope of shape "#" and diameter greater than 6 cm, it can be used with our microphone. 

Q2:  Can I use this mic with wireless headset? 

A2:  No, there is a zero-latency headphone 3.5 mm jack on the microphone for your wired headphone.